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A juggling/motion tracking suite for "Max for Live"

One of my most fun and unuxpected jobs, was working in a circus. For about seven years I worked as a composer, musical director and instrumentalist of Grupo Tholl, a brazilian circus group. Back then, I felt in love with the art of juggling, bought some juggling balls and started practicing. Some years later, I decided to create a software that could integrate my passion for music and for juggling.

( . . . ) was born from my desire of doing juggling and music at the same time, of putting the juggler in control of the music, of using the juggler's abilty of manipulating several objects at time into the electronic music performance.

( . . . ) is a group of free Ableton Live Max For Live devices dedicated to map juggling into music. Although it's dedicated to juggling, it can be used to map any object's movement into music, since it's based in a motion tracking system.

Here, you can download the software, the documentation, and the paper that I wrote about it "Using juggling as a controller for computer-generated music - an overview of the creation of an interactive system between juggling and electronic music"



Download: ( . . . ) - Version 1


Check it out my performance on my undergrad recital!

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