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 Bit Comma 


Bit Comma = (electronic + visceral + kinesthesic + estrange + experimental + futurist + psychodelic + psychotic) * (music + video).


In a proposal which combines music and video, Bit Comma breaks down the barrier between sound and visual, between electronic and organic. With sound and video, instruments like violin and drums blend with unusual electronic controllers, created by Silveira for the project. The influences range from IDM, Dubstep, to Progerssive Rock, that get together with their Brazilian roots. Bit Comma makes use of "found footage", videos taken from the Internet, like a patchwork quilt. Mixing videos from different sources, with different messages, generates a distinct, unexpected, final product, this way, video creates poetry and melody in "synthetic songs". Bit Comma was awarded with two prizes and performed in the "Festival Música Estranha" ("Strage Music Festival"), one of the most important experimental music festivals in Brazil.


Visit the Website.


Angry Young Preachers

Live in the Vapor Sessions.

Angry Young Preachers


Siyyonic Opera

Full album.

In God We Thrust

Osama Bin Laden x Dalai Lama x Pope 


Hitler x Chaplin

Listen to the album "Siyyonic Opera"
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