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( . . . ) is a group of free Max For Live Devices, dedicated to control Ableton Live, through the movement of juggling balls. Although it’s dedicated to control Live with juggling, it can be used with other kinds of objects, since it’s based in a motion tracking system.

"Músico Nerd" ("Nerd Musician") is a blog where I post several tutorials related to music technology, like: music production, programming, Arduino, etc.

Video Mapping

Bahgavad Gita - Krishna.png

Meta drawings of sacred figures using sacred texts in more than 160000 characters.

Video Mapping is the art of transforming any surface in a dinamic screen. Here, there are some works that I did using the video mapping technique.

Mind Garden


Mind Garden is an audiovisual installation that creates unique generative gardens from one's mind.

Bit Controllers is my company where I build custom made MIDI Controllers

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