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Videos doing experimentations with sounds, instruments, programming, electronics, video, etc.

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Testing my Theremidi with my Max for Live device "Theremizer".

What if we could hear a Pollock's painting? Here is an interpretation made with the Iannix and Ableton Live Software. The cursors follow some lines of the painting triggering the circles, which sends midi data do Ableton Live, where I manipulate the piano sound with some efx.

My juggling/music performance using my ( . . . ) Max for Live device, in my undergrad recital.

Just another regular banana drummer.

This video is a sound design exercise, where I made all the sound design/music, in a "glitchy psychedelic" style. However, the video was found on the internet and I don't know who is the author.

An improvised computer piece created with Max/MSP and Ableton Live. In Max/MSP I created an algorithm to generate random notes, where I can control the scale, octave and rhythm. Those notes are sent via midi to a piano and a drum vsts on Ableton Live, where, with a midi controller, I control the volumes and delays.

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