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Mind Garden

Mind Garden is an interactive audiovisual installation where thoughts are transformed into a generative digital garden. The participant is invited to wear a headset that maps different brainwaves into the growth of a digital garden, from its trees to its branches, to its blooming digital flowers. Each experience is unique, with its own shapes, colors, and sounds. Mind Garden is an escape for our mind to meet our primitive nature, far away from the buildings, noise, and pollution, a place of peace and calmness.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and reality are having their borders increasingly blended and it's important that a safe and healthy digital world is created. Mind Garden is a piece that creates a peaceful and meditative environment from within. The experience is generated in a positive feedback loop, where the visuals and sounds are influenced by the participant's thoughts, which therefore are influenced by the experience of watching and listening to the garden to grow. At the end of each experience, the user will receive a printed, or digital, version of his/her Mind Garden.

Mind garden studies our need to connect with nature and how technology can provide us unreal ways to find this connection, raising questions about how we truly interact with the nature around us.

Recursive Trees


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