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“After years of traveling we finally got to Ketundl. Our eyes can’t believe in what we see, a symbiotic landscape that gathers an amazing natural beauty with what is left of an extreme advanced alien civilization. Once we discovered that we were not the center of the universe, now we know that our species, our intelligence is not unique in the Universe. 

We don’t know what happened to them, are they extinct? Did they move to another planet? We don’t know, but we will learn who they were, how they lived and how they took care of their planet. We will learn with Ketundl.”




The Shaman of Ketundl


“It seems that everything is one whole living being. It’s hard to tell when what is natural ends, and what is artificial begins. It was like machines were fed by the same sap as the trees, and the trees would grow with the help of the machines.

We found a place that is making us lose sleep… 

It seem that rituals would occur there. In the middle was standing one beautiful structure that resembles a tree with intricate circuits going in and out of its branches. Around this bionic tree there were eight columns, each one with a couple of pieces of something similar to wood, or bamboo. 

We found this place because of its sound. We could hear some dry percussion sounds coming from that place. First we thought that we could find some Ketundl natives, but it was like the whole structure was alive, it was playing its own sounds, with nobody else. Each column would produce one sound. As far we approached it, its sounds, which were firstly blending with the other sounds of the nature, in an apparently random organization, started to have a pulse. When we finally got and touched the tree all the sounds became rhythmical, like they were blending with our heartbeats, with our pulses, and lights started to shine from inside the branches, like they were feeling the warmth of our bodies. We felt a great piece and unit with everything, we felt that we were part of everything. We felt them, we felt that the people of Ketundl were there, inviting us to dance. And we danced. The more we danced the more it played with us. We were Ketundl.

We can’t explain, you need to see, you need to feel, you need to experience to understand.”

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